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Growth of man is a bundle of inventions, creations and discoveries. In the world today knowledge has became a one step solutions for everybody where facility have become a one stop shop of everybody. From electrical to electronic and from electronics tom IT, from mechanism to mechanical and from mechanical to mechatronics, from call to call conferencing and from call conferencing to video calling the human brains has given lot to the world has facility.

Nowadays where computers are the basic need of a house to a corporate house, where internet has proved to be the solutions of all needs from information, communications, traveling, entertainment, shopping and lot more. One can say that the whole world is shrinked in a small cable connecting to your system, a cable connecting the whole world to each other.

In business standards the growth and life of all business is in dependency of computers and net. In this world of computers, networking has proved to be the central nervous system of this electronic body. The system which makes the whole body connected to the respective parts to body. In short to be connected in all terms is the basic need of all business sectors. In short to vision all the functions of the business as administration, accounts, security, safety, production, dispatch, transport etc is the need and to overcome this need one need to get connect to all the departments and that means to get online.

We at RAM KABIR INFOTECH is a trusted name in networking solutions, The seeds of the company were sowed in the year 2002. The principle promoter of the company, a doctor in naturopathy, had a keen interest in computer literacy. This interest of him attracted him towards the computer qualification of MCSE. During the pursuance he was more interested in networking, the importance of networking is going to be the major aspect of IT and in future this innovation is going to be the strength of all corporate.

Switching to the first task which was a project of Birla Cellulogic (Nagda, MP), we had commence the total network installation from server room to all the departments connecting them and to make them on, the job consists of rack installation, termination and link commissioning, where the total executioner success was delivered to the client.

Executed the job work of security system to make them online for the power petrol pump of IOCL
Execution of the maintenance of CCTV cameras of IOCL
Execution of the job work to make online the fire alarm systems of IOCL
We have also executed the maintenance of 24 CCTV cameras of thermal Power Station (Vanak Bori)

We also do expertise in 24*7 backup services for the companies in regular need of network fixers. Within the radius of 100 km of our home base we do respond in four hours. In other words in a time span of four hours we stand by the problem of network to fix it.

With the group of ten technically skilled man powers, we do raise to any of sites in and around vadodara, across Gujarat and any states of India. To head the whole execution we also have a superior supervision of an expert. The expert who does the final reporting to the client end giving final results and to answer all the queries of the client end clearing all those to the satisfaction.

In short to fulfill the requirement of any break down or down time faced by the client we are on our shoes to provide the fastest and finest services to make the client on in the least time. To all these companies we have provided them all the best and fast services, fruit of which we were prized with the appreciation letter and awarded the certificate of the best service provider in a year. This proved to be a moral booster to us and we grew with more and more efficiency of task given to us, at this stage we can say that any task related to network installation to AMC of network given to us can be concluded as the work done in the least time.  
To deliver these fast services we are equipped with all the finest equipments of networking cause. To our knowledge we are upgrading ourselves for any other equipment needed for any sort of network problem, so that the services of ours don’t get affected.  The technical specifications of all the equipments are as under